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Importance of Brick Re-pointing

All buildings have a common element, which is mortar. This is the material responsible for separating the different masonry units, such as stone, brick or other materials. The function of the mortar is actually not for sticking bricks together, as many people think, but to ensure they are held apart as well as fill up any irregularities between the various bedding faces. What holds brick buildings in place is actually gravity. Find out what brick re pointing is by reading on.

Re pointing

At some later stages in the life of a building, this mortar usually shows signs of ageing and wearing. It will become recessed gradually with time. The mortar must be more porous and softer than the brick units and thus will, therefore, suffer most of the natural weathering processes. This a more desirable situation compared to the alternative case where the brick is softer than the mortar. If that happens, then the mortar would remain sound while the surrounding bricks erode, consequently requiring rebuilding instead of the simple job of brick pointing, which is simply renewing the mortar joints.

Generally, it is wise to consider brick re pointing when the open joints have a depth that is similar to how thick the mortar bed is. At this point, you will need to call for the services of an expert to ensure the integrity of your structure is not compromised. The brick re pointing work is largely straightforward but is quite labor intensive, so you must make sure you are using the best team for the job.

When is brick re pointing necessary?

Importance of timely brick repointing

An important benefit of doing brick repointing on time will eliminate the preparatory duties of cleaning and raking of the joints. This is because even while exercising great care, over-runs and slips are inevitable. This could leave some permanent unappealing scars in your property. It is only useful to use a grinder when removing the modern, strong cement point, especially where the regular chopping with a chisel may result in more damage. Hence, timely repointing is a must if you want to maintain the overall aesthetic look of your property.

Benefits of brick repointing

With professionally done brick repointing, you can get the following benefits:

  • Enhance your building’s structural integrity
  • Weatherproof your walls
  • Increase or maintain the value of your property
  • Restore the general good appearance of brickwork
  • Reduce the need for maintenance on the brickwork

Where can I get brick re-pointing?

You can now get high quality brick Pointing and re-pointing services at Native Contracting Inc. if you live in New York City. Remember that effectively completed re-pointing may last over 50 years.

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