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Have a demolition dilemma? We’ll put it to rest within a 24-hour period by providing you with a fast quote. Our demolition team in New York City. are problem solvers above all else. From a precise garage demolition to emergency fire damage removal services, we have your back and we’re just a phone call away. Our philosophy is: integrity, hard work, grit, and teamwork gets the job done right, on time, and on budget. Next Day Demolition shines among the competition more than just for our next-day estimate guarantee.

Our team understands the uniqueness of every site, which is why we work with our clients to establish a specific and executable plan.  We are proud to offer safe and cost-effective services for all kinds of jobs using state of the art recycling services for all of your concrete, brick, wood and more. When you have a serious demolition job, you have to call Next Day for a quote.

Home Demolition

We tear down houses fast! Next Day Demolition offers home demolition, including waste removal services for homes all over . and the surrounding area. We have years of experience in clean home demolition and site prep. We dispose of all debris and leave you with whatever recyclable materials you can reuse, plus a site that is ready to build on. On top of residential tear-downs, we also offer site preparation, grading and clean-up.

Selective Demolition: Garage and Shed

Got a garage or shed that has to go? Even if it’s attached to an existing building that needs to stay, Next Day Demolition has the expertise to extract the structure without damaging surrounding areas. For something as delicate as a garage and shed demolition, even in tight spaces, you have to call New York City best demolition team. Give us a call today to learn more.

Burned Property and Fire Damage Demolition

Fires are a nightmare and the aftermath can be traumatic for homeowners. Watching a fire damaged home being demolished is not what New York City residents want to see happen to their biggest investment. But when a fire does hit, Next Day Demolition is ready to perform as quick and painless a job as possible. Applying the safest demolition techniques and using the most advanced specialist equipment our expert demolition team gets selective demolition done right the first time.

Commercial Demolition

Along with residential demolition we also provide commercial demolition in the District.  We can easily take down a building as well as strip the insides for your project.

Our services have expanded and our team has grown. We’re now a highly skilled company of professionals working in every area of the deconstruction industry. Our dedication to timely, affordable, and high-quality demolition hasn’t wavered, and has remained our most highly requested service.

In addition to these services, Next Day Demolition provides a broad range of junk removal and demolition services, from mobile home demolition to hauling and excavating services, environmental removal, or swimming pool removal. No job is too small or odd to give us a call

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