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We believe that careful pre-planning is the basis for quality know-how. We ensure a high quality of work before only one plate is cut. As a comprehensive service, Native carefully prepares exceptional projects.


The designs of architectural stores monitor the supply of high quality wood veneer, the pickling / refining mix to achieve the taste of individual customers, as well as the careful production and installation of products.

Exceptional: We use product on demand of customers.

We can design and fabricate everything that you want, which include:

  • carpentry for libraries
  • carpentry for vanities 
  • carpentry for wall units 
  • carpentry for bookcases 
  • carpentry for TV units 
  • carpentry for floating shelves
  • carpentry for cabinetry 
  • carpentry for living room furniture
  • carpentry for bedrooms 
  • carpentry for kitchen islands 
  • carpentry for desks​ and more

What we bring to the table? We build for condos, homes, shops, restaurants and any other type of business. With Contractors in NYC, you can get wood pieces that will fit your residential or commercial space perfectly.

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